Sunday, January 8, 2023

Day 8: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Deep Entanglement” is an acrylic, size 11" x 14” image.  I think of it as the thick brush below your feet when you take a walk in the woods.  I did the design sketch for this many years ago, while I taught at Kanuga Workshops.  I had never brought it to completion as a painting till now.  If interested in this painting, go to my website, 

Tip #8:  To soften edges where there is strong contrast, I paint with a stick that is dipped in black paint.  (The best sticks are oak trees from MN.  Haha)  I tap the end of the stick in the liquid acrylic paint to load up it’s end, then I tap most of it off on a paper towel.  Then it is ready for you to make linework on your painting that is more sketchy and subtle.  Here is a close up of the line made with a stick.  

Close-up view of middle area, so you can see the effect of painting with a stick.

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