Friday, October 25, 2013

Progress of a Painting, finished

"Sailing Through Life"
Here is the completed painting.  Just in time for framing tomorrow and delivering to the show on Sunday!  Whew!  This painting had many layers of minor adjustments to the color. First it was too grey, then too blue, then not dark enough. But the good thing about acrylics, is that you get many chances to change it up.  I knew that I wanted it to have an antiqued look, which is new for me.  There are only about 3 pieces of collage paper in this painting. Otherwise, this started on watercolor paper, with a watercolor underpainting.  Then I switched to acrylic.  Usually, I really like to work on Strathmore Aquarius watercolor paper when I paint with acrylics, so this was learning experience for me, using Arches paper this time.  At the very end, I actually painted with a twig, dipping it in my black paint.  I wanted it to look scratchy, and it worked.  So fun!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Progression of a Painting

Sometimes, I get myself in some jams.  This time, I entered a show with a title, "Sailing Through Life", without the painting being done yet.  The deadline is coming up this Sunday, and so today, I decided to start the show painting, ready or not!  I have my design sketch worked out, pictured at the top, and also have the napkin as my color inspiration.  Do you ever do that?  I find that napkins, or scarves get me started with a color scheme.  I might not follow it by the end, but at least it gets me started.  It's been a little while since I've painted in acrylics, so this has been a struggle so far.  I keep telling myself to get the big shapes in now, and I'll be able to doodle and negative paint later.  Warm Dominant.  Check!  Now to add some mystery and excitement to this painting.  I'll hopefully post the outcome of this tomorrow.


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