Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 minute study
So, as usual, January has been a tough month for me to get back into my painting.  I take so much time off during December, that I honestly start to doubt myself in January, and there's always a big scary learning curve to get back into my rhythm.  Thank goodness that I do my 30 minute studies!  I turned this one into a painting called "Letting Go..." because that's literally what I had to do, to finally get past the ugly teenage stage.  I just had to "let go" and let whatever happens, be OK.  I’ll post it later on, after I’m done judging it.  What do you do to break though your blocks?  One thing that I do is promise myself that I will paint for only one hour.  It’s hard to even go to my studio, when the artist’s block is in full force.  I even set a timer to make sure that I stay in my studio for that hour.  Usually, once I start painting, the fear goes away, and I get involved in a painting, and before I know it, my husband is home wondering what’s for supper. 

5 minute warm up
Lots of times, I do little 5x 7’s to just get my brush wet, and to loosen up.  One of my students, Anne, reminded me of a lesson that I taught last year- A simple landscape that is a great warm up exercise.  I do these in only 5 minutes!  It’s posted on the left.  If anyone is interested, I'll be featuring these on my website, http://www.karenknutson.com/ for only $25.  Hope this has been helpful to those artists out there that have the same anxiety as me, with the artist’s block.  Just go to your studio and paint for an hour.  Bet you can’t just stay there for only an hour…..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kim Grant Workshop in Guatamala

I have a friend who is teaching a workshop in Guatamala on March 21 - 30th, 2012.  She's a great artist, and really fun to be around.  I can personally vouch for her as a great teacher.  What's not to love about spending time painting in warm climate this time of year???  Sign up soon in order to reserve your spot!  Kim's website is http://www.kimgrantdesigns.com/  Here is a description of the workshop: 
 Join Kim Grant for 10 days in beautiful Antigua,Guatemala. Find your own personal artistic expression through creative experimentation with mixed media and collage, layered on paper surfaces. Art in the morning and sightseeing in the afternoon. The total package includes tuition, lodging, transportation, and field trips for $1925. More more information go to http://artguat.org/docsclasses/classgrant.html or contact Kim at 952-445-8108

Monday, January 9, 2012

First people painting of 2012

I've been working on this painting for the last 4 days.  There are a few things that I like about it, but mostly, I'm just relieved to be done.  It was not fun to paint.  And when it comes down to it, isn't that what we're in this for.....the experience of ENJOYING the process?  It's been so long since I've worked in pure watercolor, and I needed a painting for the Transparent Watercolor of America show, so I promised myself to get one done!  I called it, "Between 2 Worlds" because I could see orbs floating around.  I used a 30 minute study for the idea for this painting. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for the New Year!

After reading Myrna Wachnov's blog this morning, I decided that I, too, must write down my goals.  Myrna's blog is one of my favorites.  She is such a gifted artist.  You, too, should check it out!  http://myrnawacknov.blogspot.com/ 
My goals for 2012 are:
1. Work on my new book
2. Do more people paintings
3. Continue my 30 minute studies every day 
4. Lead a more balanced life!
This sketch is one I did in early December when I was at a Paint-in with 3 other friends in Wisconsin.  I just let myself sketch without a plan, and as I was sketching the people, I thought how odd that I had sketched 5 people, when there were only 4 of us there at the Paint-in.  Then, in studying it further, I saw that the 3 people were separated by a fence from the other 2 people.  Now, you might think I'm off my rocker when I tell you this, but the truth was that one friend who was supposed to be at our Paint-in, actually was traveling back and forth every day, visiting her husband in the hospital, and therefore, wasn't able to participate in our Paint-in very much.  I truly had nothing in mind when I started this sketch, and look what came out of my subconscious!  I'm thinking that the 2 houses in the background must be the fact that Janice was going from our house to the hospital every day.  Wow, spooky!!! My intention is to paint from this 30 minute sketch later this month.  I'll post it when it happens.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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