Friday, May 20, 2016

Funky Lady Workshop in Gladstone, MI

Paintings by the students in Gladstone, MI
I just returned from teaching a fun filled workshop in Gladstone, MI where we painted funky ladies on the first day, charcoal pour birds on the second day, AND people done in the Gustav Klimt manner on the third day.  They did terrific; so eager to learn anything that I threw at them.  When I teach the funky lady workshops, I love the giggling that goes on in the room.  Students throw out their fears and just go at it.  I always tell them that it doesn't matter if you get the features correct, that in fact, it makes them better if they are not perfect.  So, their imaginations go wild and they have a ball! I will also be teaching this process in Cross Lake, MN on September 26-28. Contact me if you are interested in getting more information.


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