Saturday, February 13, 2021

Announcing New Zoom class- Little Abbeys (small abstracts)

Announcing NEW Zoom class!

My Zoom Little Abbey workshop is posted on my home page of my website, with a link to sign up. Only taking 25 students. It is $65 and will be on March 2. (10:00 -4:00 Eastern time) This is filling fast! Be sure to get your place today!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Gelli Print papers


This is totally collage. I made the collage papers using a Gelli printing plate. It is such fun, but fair warning, it’s very addictive!  Before you know it, a whole day is gone and your studio floor will be filled with papers in process. I usually try to make analogous colored papers with a few complementary colored ones. Then I start by collaging with the mid tones and big shape onto a Strathmore watercolor paper, using acrylic matte medium. The last thing to collage is the whites and black shapes.  Lastly, I use both black and white permanent markers fir adding detail.  There are many tutorage videos on YouTube about Gelli printing. Below are the handmade papers I used in this painting. 


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