Thursday, March 21, 2013

Demonstration for Minnesota Watercolor Society

Last Thursday, I gave the demonstration for the Minnesota Watercolor Society.  My subject was how I get my ideas for abstract designs.  This painting, "Which way to the beach?" was derived from a view of Minneapolis buildings from my friend's studio window.  I love to use contour drawings, and link my light shapes, thereby simplifying the design.  Both of these paintings are about 15" x 15" image size.  I'm a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, and it's fun watching his influence creeping into my work lately.  I also showed the cropping technique of working with a little 1 inch square frame to spot good designs when you hover over a busy photo in a decorating magazine.  Below is my other interpretaion, using basically the same light pathway design.  I asked the group which one they preferred and the top one got more votes, although it was close.  There were about 150 people watching my demo.  Really a fun evening!

Monday, March 4, 2013

30 Minute Studies, One Year Challenge

"Radiating Beauty"
I again am challenging myself to do a 30 minute study every day for one year! Limiting the time to 30 minutes makes me use bigger shapes, and simplify. These aren't meant to be framed works of art, just studies!  I find that my whole life is in better balance when I do these each day.  And they often lead to paintings later!  Working out the design and colors on a small format is a practice that I really like. one year challenge started on March 2nd.  I won't post every one, just my favorites, OK?  Unlike last year, I will give myself a little more slack when my schedule is busy, and will allow myself to do extra 30 minute studies before the busy days.  But no catch up!  Only thinking ahead sketches.  This one started as a contour drawing from a flower.  I then used Tombow markers to build up the layers of color.  I can't wait to turn this into a big acrylic painting!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dragonfly workshop- Lynne Baur, instructor

Lynne Baur with her demo painting, (not quite finished)
It's been a busy time for me so I'm tardy in posting a review of the dragonfly workshop that Lynne Baur taught in my home studio.  (Click on the link, and go to the Dragonfly Gallery to see her incredible dragonfly collection.) It was my first workshop with a guest artist instructing at my home studio.  Lynne went above and beyond, and everyone was thrilled with everything that they learned.  We learned so many techniques to create texture, and although it was only a 2 day workshop, everyone finished a full sheet watercolor painting in that short time!  This was a mixed media workshop, including acrylic inks, acrylics, watercolor, and metallics.  I strongly recommend that you take a workshop from Lynne, who gives private lessons also, at a very affordable price.  It was so fun for me to be a student again, although I didn't get my painting done, due to being a hostess.  I will post it soon!

Painting on silk by Lynne Baur.  I purchased this one!


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