Thursday, March 21, 2013

Demonstration for Minnesota Watercolor Society

Last Thursday, I gave the demonstration for the Minnesota Watercolor Society.  My subject was how I get my ideas for abstract designs.  This painting, "Which way to the beach?" was derived from a view of Minneapolis buildings from my friend's studio window.  I love to use contour drawings, and link my light shapes, thereby simplifying the design.  Both of these paintings are about 15" x 15" image size.  I'm a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, and it's fun watching his influence creeping into my work lately.  I also showed the cropping technique of working with a little 1 inch square frame to spot good designs when you hover over a busy photo in a decorating magazine.  Below is my other interpretaion, using basically the same light pathway design.  I asked the group which one they preferred and the top one got more votes, although it was close.  There were about 150 people watching my demo.  Really a fun evening!


  1. What a great painting...and evening too! Your demo was fantastic! Thank you!

  2. Hi Karen, OH, I like both of these, they're exciting designs. I like the bottom one in particular but I think they both work just fine!



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