Thursday, April 4, 2013

Metallic Paintings

"Metallic Leaf"
I'm preparing for a workshop that I will be teaching near Charleston, South Carolina, on Kiawah Island.  One of the days, we will be doing different metallic effects.  I used grommets, embossing powder, rubber stamps, metallic ink pads, and gold liner pens in this painting.  I hadn't done one of these for at least a year, so it was fun refreshing my memory as to the many effects of metal.  To start with, I used an old painting (see below) and built up a light pathway.  Have you heard me say that before?  If you've been in my classes, you definitely have heard about the light pathway.  It's key to leading the viewer's eye through the painting.  This painting is image 6" x 7", and is available for $95, matted.
Old painting that I started with for this project.

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