Friday, April 19, 2013

Color Studies, good design

"Luring Music"
Only a few days till I teach a design workshop in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  One of the lessons involves the students looking through magazines and cropping the photos down to a 1 inch square.  That simplifies the shapes, big time!  This color study (size 4" x 4") was done, using Tombow markers.  I love that they have two ends; one is fine marker, and the other is a brush.  Also, they don't smell, and work very much like watercolors, where I work in layers, etc.  This color study started from a photo of a dining room table and chairs.  How crazy is that?  Below is my 2 value sketch of the photo.  My steady rule (that I really believe in) is to connect the light pathway.  I can always adjust it later, but in the beginning of every painting, I have a light pathway. I will post the painting that I do from this color study after the workshop.


  1. Hi Karen, I do like looking at your color and value studies. It is interesting and eye opening to see the two tone value study along side the color study. I can see what makes it a strong design.

    Regarding your color scheme, I think its challenging to make green and red work without it looking like Christmas. You've succeeded. This makes me think of a summer or tropical evening serenade. Festive.

    I bought myself the black Tombow I bought marker last week to do value studies. I had not thought about doing color studies; hmmm :)

    1. I really like seeing your value studies, too, Peggy. Can't wait till I have some extra time to get caught up on your blog.



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