Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sketch of Farm Site

"Lead Me Home"         $125
Image:  11" x 13"    Watercolor and gel medium
Today, I experimented with acrylic gel medium to prepare the surface before starting my watercolor.  I love to try new things to keep my mind fresh and learn new things.  It was fun to see the resist and it added a painterly quality to my painting that I've been striving for lately.  I really like the design of this painting, but can't wait to try more, using this technique and see if the process is easier the second time around.  I'm getting ready for a workshop at Dillman's Resort (in northern WI) and I was trying to keep this painting very simple; a beginning painting for the first day of the workshop.  It was hard for me not to keep going to weave some intricate designs into this, but I slapped my hand and called it a day.  Dillman's Resort is a very picturesque resort tucked into a forest of evergreen trees, located on a beautiful lake- a great place to unwind and totally immerse yourself into your art.  To read more about my workshop, follow this link.   I will be teaching abstract landscapes done with charcoal pours, acrylic layering, and lots of exciting textures.  This will definitely open up your imagination to all of your other artwork as well!  Hope you can join us!!!!  It runs from June 20 - 23rd, with the welcome on June 19th.  There's a concert there on the opening night;  a nice bonus for us!


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