Friday, July 24, 2015

"Promise Granted", Acrylic painting with metallic accents

"Promise Granted"  Original Acrylic and metallic,  11" x 14"  $245
I'm preparing for my home studio workshop, "Painting Like Gustav Klimt", that starts next Tuesday.  One of the days, we will work abstractly.  This painting has gold foil paper on it, (much easier than gold leaf!) and metallic paint added for details.  I even did a little of my "wire drawing" on it. I'm so excited to share lots of fun techniques with the students!  It's a full class with a waiting list.  I did have a value plan when I started this painting, but it took on a life of it's own, halfway through. (See below)  In fact, I was ready to pitch it and start over at one point.  But I persevered and am very pleased with the outcome.  The title comes from the image of the round red shape that comes from a higher place.  I was thinking of my friend, Kathie George, who is battling cancer right now.  My prayers are with her.  If you get the chance, be sure to sign up for her blog.  She's such a great artist and a fantastic teacher!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wire Drawings Workshop

"Crazy about Chickens", original permanent marker drawing with watercolor,  $195
This was one of my demos for the Yakima, WA workshop.  They did a terrific job and loved the concept of wire drawing.  I've never had a class so excited about the prospect of future paintings, using the wire drawing knowledge.  So rewarding for this teacher, that's for sure!  Here are their drawings below:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Say What?

"Say What?"    Watercolor     $295
Image:  11" x 14"
Hope your summer is going well.  I've been so busy this year, but I still manage to take lots of walks at nearby parks, just to appreciate the warm weather.  I LOVE summer!  I've been preparing for a chicken/rooster workshop that I'm teaching in Yakima, WA next week. Rarely have a finished a painting that I honestly felt like this chicken was talking to me.  Her eyes turned out so expressive!  This is basically a watercolor, with the addition of some acrylic for the neat effect in the background.  I saw this process on a video by Carrie Burns Brown.  I cut up a piece of matboard and mount the pieces onto another piece of matboard, and then use it for a stamp.  I have made at least 25 of them.  They are so much better than ones that you purchase! Well, off on another trip in only 2 days!  While in Seattle, I'm going to the big 75th anniversary celebration of the Northwest Watercolor Society.  There will be many demonstrations by nationally acclaimed artists.  I'm so excited!!! I have entered their show for many years, and sadly, missed the deadline for this year's show.  Too much going on!!!  Lesson learned.....maybe.... Anyway, it's a great watercolor society and I'm excited to meet many of the artists whom I have gotten acquainted with on Facebook. It's a small world after all!


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