Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Say What?

"Say What?"    Watercolor     $295
Image:  11" x 14"
Hope your summer is going well.  I've been so busy this year, but I still manage to take lots of walks at nearby parks, just to appreciate the warm weather.  I LOVE summer!  I've been preparing for a chicken/rooster workshop that I'm teaching in Yakima, WA next week. Rarely have a finished a painting that I honestly felt like this chicken was talking to me.  Her eyes turned out so expressive!  This is basically a watercolor, with the addition of some acrylic for the neat effect in the background.  I saw this process on a video by Carrie Burns Brown.  I cut up a piece of matboard and mount the pieces onto another piece of matboard, and then use it for a stamp.  I have made at least 25 of them.  They are so much better than ones that you purchase! Well, off on another trip in only 2 days!  While in Seattle, I'm going to the big 75th anniversary celebration of the Northwest Watercolor Society.  There will be many demonstrations by nationally acclaimed artists.  I'm so excited!!! I have entered their show for many years, and sadly, missed the deadline for this year's show.  Too much going on!!!  Lesson learned.....maybe.... Anyway, it's a great watercolor society and I'm excited to meet many of the artists whom I have gotten acquainted with on Facebook. It's a small world after all!


  1. Hahaha! I think this chicken IS talking! Love him! Thanks for the mat board tip.



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