Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Little Abbeys, 5" x 7" each,  $45 each
2 versions of little abbeys, using the same colors
After getting very sick with pneumonia, being hospitalized for 4 days during Thanksgiving time....  I am SO READY to paint again!!!!!  All of December, I have been just trying to regain my strength.  So I started out easy, doing a little abbey (small abstract), size 5" x 7".  My goal was to stay with soft edges, and use only 3 colors.  I used cadmium yellow, opera pink, and French ultramarine blue.  Why I picked these colors, I'll never know.  I hardly ever use these colors!  But, I knew from experience, that if I stayed with only those 3 colors, I would have pretty colors. I love the red color that comes from mixing cadmium yellow with opera pink!  Who knew?  My friend, Ressie Burrows predicted that I would be painting with vibrant colors since I had it all bottled up for 2 months.  She was so right! The second day, I used the same colors, but instead of soft edges, I went with some hard and some soft.  I also added wire drawing to complete the painting.  To see more wire drawings, go back to some of my past blogs.  Sadly, I've made the decision to NOT do the 30 paintings in 30 Day Challenge, like I usually do in January.  I'm still rebuilding my strength, so it's not a wise idea to put that kind of pressure on myself.  I will, however, be posting wire drawings many of the days in January, and they will be for sale at a low price, so if you're interested, stay tuned!  Happy New Year, everyone!  I wish you all a healthy new year! 


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