Friday, April 5, 2013

Where do ideas come from?

"Springboard for ideas"
Recently, I gave a demonstration for a local watercolor group; my topic was how I get my ideas for abstract paintings.  The idea for this 30 minute sketch actually came from a handmade card that I recently made for a good friend.  I've had painting friends sometimes tell me that I shouldn't waste my time making handmade cards.  Each one does indeed take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to make, but I always get ideas for paintings or discover interesting new color combinations when I allow myself to "play".  It's refreshing to me when I don't have to think about design, color dominance, etc, when I'm making a card. I used scraps from old paintings to start with, and just added black marker and brads.   Although, I have to say that when I did this 30 minute sketch, which was based on the card pictured below, I did remember to focus on design, color dominance, zinger colors, and center of interest.  Watch future posts, because this 30 minute study will turn in to a real painting very soon!

Handmade card which folds inward from both directions.

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  1. Hi Karen, Your handmade cards and designs are stunning! What a fun and creative way to generate ideas.



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