Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Day 4: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!


"Day at the Beach"  $85  (7" x 12" image)

“Day at the Beach” is a plein air painting. That means it was painted on location outdoors.  This scene is from Casperson Beach, in Venice, FL, which is a great to look for shark's teeth If interested in purchasing it, go to my website,  I absolutely LOVE plein air, although I’m still working on mastering the many variables of painting outdoors.  If interested in this painting, go to my website.  

Day 4 Tip:  Try plein air painting!  It will teach you how to really SEE, and get fresh air at the same time.  The first time you attempt plein air painting, bring just a sketch pad, pencil and a marker.  That way, you can learn early not to bring too much.  I always go with friends, so we can visit while we draw and paint. You will need a lightweight chair and a water bottle.  The first thing I do when painting on location, is to pick a spot in the shade. You will usually have about 2 hours to complete your drawing, so it’s important to be comfortable and out of the sun.  I do gestural drawing at first just to get loosened up and trying to place the subject in the correct place on the paper.  Then, I pretend that there is a 90 degree box around my subject so I can see the angles better.  If time permits, I use the marker to go over the pencil lines.  I don’t bother erasing as I draw.  When you add the marker the wrong lines will get smeared anyway, so no need.  After a few times, you may want to try watercolor outdoors.  Remember, the colors will look different when you get inside.  Usually I don’t paint dark enough outside.  Things will dry differently outdoors too, but that’s part of the learning curve.  You really learn how to SEE better by plein air painting and you will see your drawing skills improve tenfold.

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