Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Day 18: 30 Plantings in 30 Days!"D


"Doodle Mania"  5" x  7" image,  $45

Day 18:  30 Paintings in 30 Days!

“Doodle Mania” is one of those paintings where everyone will see something different.  For me, I just had fun doodling.  I wanted to keep it simple since I had been working on another painting that I intend to enter in a national show, and I only had a short time to work on today’s challenge painting.  This painting is only 5” x 7” image.  It is mixed media on paper.  If interested, go to: 

Tip of the day:  Use disposable palette for a center of interest!  When painting an acrylic painting,  I use a disposable palette.  When I’m done with the painting, I fold the palette paper onto itself, so that it makes a mono print.  This makes unusual colors and shapes.  I like to tear out a small portion and then adhere it to a blank paper, using matte medium.  I use that as my center of interest and let my imagination complete the painting. 

Here is the palette piece that I used as a start for another painting.

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