Friday, January 13, 2023

Day 13: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!Eac

Each of these are 5" x 7" images, $35 each

Day 13: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

 I kind of needed an easy painting today, so I worked on little 5” x 7” image Little Landscapes. They are 5 minute paintings! I kid you not!! I wet both sides of the paper, and am done in 5 minutes. I charge only $35 each for these, and they come with a white mat, measuring 8” x 10" for easy framing. They are listed on my website,  and at the top of the Home page, go to Shop, then click Small Originals, then click on the one you want, and then use PayPal to purchase.   

 Tip 13: Here’s my magical formula for good colors in my paintings. Pick 3 analogous colors, and then pick an opposite color. In these little ones, I put the opposite color right on top of the lower color in the sky, making it a greyed color. That shows off the luminous colors better! BTW,  these little landscapes start out by wetting both sides of the paper.  Then I work with a 1" flat brush and stroke on the 3 analogous colors.  The complementary color is used over part of that mixture to create a grey.  Then it's just a matter of timing and thickness of paint.  They truly do turn out better when you limit yourself to 5 minutes.  

My favorite color wheel is by Jill Ridder.  I take it with me everywhere I paint.  It costs about $18.00.  Here is the link: 

Color Wheel by Jill Ridder 

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