Sunday, January 15, 2023

Day 15: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!


"Best Dressed Award"  11" x 15" image,  $195

“Best Dressed Award” was half done, so I decided to finish it up. I love painting crows! They are such smart birds.  If interested in purchasing,  go to

  This started as a charcoal pour, which is explained on my video. Here’s a link:

Tip #15:  adding charcoal powder is a great texture.  It involves adding water to the surface where you want to save whites, then sprinkling charcoal powder, then throwing a big bucket of water on top of the whole paper to get the explosion look.  I do this outdoors!  Haha. Let dry, then spray it with a workable fixative.  Then paint whatever subject you want on top.  Below is an example of how these look.  

Beginning stage of a charcoal pour painting.  

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