Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Day 28 of 30 Day Challenge!


"People Watching"          $75          7" x 11" image

Day 28 of 30 Day Challenge:

Here I was, hidden behind some palm trees off the beaten path, I enjoyed people watching and did this plein air painting.  It’s called "People Watching”, and was painted on location at Casperson Beach, my favorite beach in Venice, FL.  It’s 7” x 11” image, watercolor and permanent marker.  If interested, go to:  Funny thing that happened.  After about 45 minutes after I started this painting, a rather plump lady planted herself on her lawn chair right in front of my scene that I was painting.  She had to know that she was obstructing my view.  Luckily, I had taken a photo before she arrived, so I had that for reference.  I grabbed my camera when she sat down there too.  Got a good picture of her, so she will be in one of my next paintings!  So there! I will show her!  Haha.
Tip 28:  Painting with friends is such a good thing.  If you’re not in a plein air group now, I advise you to join one soon.  Talking, laughing, and sharing art tips can really boost your creative spirit.  When I plein air paint, I remember everything about that painting, when seeing it again.  I remember the smell in the air, the sounds, the frustration if my painting is going badly, and the conquering feeling when I like my paintings. I always learn something new when I paint on location, because I take the time to really SEE and study things.  There were 37 painters out on this day.  We had a critique afterwards.  I treasure my plein air times so much.  

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