Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Day 27 of 30 Day Challenge!


"Got my Eye on You"     NFS        5" x 5" image
Day 27 of 30 Day Challenge!

Many of you may know that I have a new love:  Sewing what I call, “little fabbies”.  They can be used as pot holders, but mainly they are used as an art piece for people’s kitchens.  I did this drawing with that in mind.  It will become a Little Fabbey as soon as I have a free day to sew again.  “I’ve got my Eye on You” is a 5” x 5” drawing on paper, using a permanent marker.  To see all my past paintings in this challenge, go to karenknutson.com 
Tip #27: Try thinking of things as cutout shapes.  If you had to use scissors to cut out every shape to make a painting, it may make you simplify things down to less shapes, which is always a good thing. 
I started the Little Fabbey craze as a challenge to myself to use my own paintings as ideas for these.  And I thought that the practice of cutting little pieces of fabric would make me simplify things down to a bare minimum.  I think this one is pretty simple, but will let you know once I start sewing those small pieces for the eye.  
If you are interested in purchasing any of my Little Fabbies, they will be featured on my website very soon!  Check out karenknutson.com and then click Fabric Art.

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