Saturday, February 4, 2023

Day 24 of 30 Paintings!


"Snook Haven"     7" x 11"       $95

There’s a special place in Venice, FL called Snook   Haven.  It really feels like you are deep in the jungle.  Our plein air group paints there often. I love the cool atmosphere and the views are incredible. This painting, “Snook Haven” is 7 x 11”, watercolor, painted on location. If interested in this painting, go to  and click Shop All.  My favorite thing about this is the light pathway. And that is today’s tip. 

Tip #24:  Always look for a way to connect one of the values for linkage. Don’t lift your pencil as you draw.  I like to connect lights , but many artists like linkage of midtones. I like to link the viewer's eyes to at least 3 sides of the painting.  Below is my painting in black and white so you can see the light pathway easier.  

Black and white version of "Snook Haven"


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