Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day Twenty- 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Hidden Agenda"
Starting this painting as a total abstract, my plan was to include a woman at the last minute.  I had an all day painting day with my friend, Lana Grow and we had a great time trying to make a total collage painting like Carrie Burns Brown does.  Her DVD is one of my favorites.  Below is the painting before the changes.  When I got home, I knew that I would have to get the acrylic paint out and fix the painting.  I like that I have her right in the center of the painting, and yet, I got away with it.  (In my opinion, anyway)  I believe that the dark big shape on the right side of the painting adds more weight to that side of the painting, thereby disguising the fact that she is in the center.  What do you think? I called this painting, "Hidden Agenda", because I like the fact that the viewer doesn't see the woman right away.  This acrylic and collage painting is image 12" x 12" and is available for $295.
Painting BEFORE changes


  1. Very fun painting/collage. You did get away with it, she's perfect where she is. I'd love to be in that creative atmosphere with you and Lana. Heady stuff!

  2. Love that you "broke the rule" and it works! Looking forward to our workshop, at Keeton's, this week!!!!



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