Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 26- 30 Paintings in 30 Days

"Climbing to the Top"
I felt like doing an abstract painting today, and I have to confess, there's a national show deadline coming up and I really want to enter an acrylic in it.  So, I read the rules, and found out that collage is approved in this show, but it has to be handmade, and it can only be 20% of the painting.  I have quite a few collage papers that I made some time ago, after watching the Anne Bagby DVD .  It was fun grabbing some of them and adding them to my painting.  I really love collage, and I like using magazines and purchased papers too, but couldn't use those this time, due to the rules.  If you've been following my blog during this 30 in 30 Challenge, you know that I stated that all of my paintings have to be people paintings.  If you look closely at this painting, you'll see the figure at the top right. It is my intention that you won't see the person, till you study the painting for awhile.  It reminded me of a person climbing to the top of his career goals, hence the title.  This painting is 14" x 14" image, matted to 20" x 20". 


  1. Composition, shapes, color ...this piece everything going for it!

  2. Karen, your art is amazing, interesting and I get it all......especially this mixed media piece. Your style is amazing......glad I found you on the challenge!

  3. HI Karen, again a great composition, something that's sorely missing in a lot of abstracted work these days. Really solid and a pleasure to view. Exciting color harmony as well!

  4. Thank you all! This painting was a pleasure to paint!



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