Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 23: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Big Shoes to Fill"
Today's painting is to pay tribute to all those husbands and fathers out there.  My husband is a real keeper, and this is especially for him.  Dick is such a great supporter of my art and even though he is the main bread winner in our family, he always makes me feel so special.  When he used to help me out at outdoor art fairs, he even wore the name tag, "Mr. Karen Knutson".  Here he is, a very accomplished businessman, and he's making me queen for the day, actually queen EVERY DAY!  I like the design in this piece, with an abstract F in the background to symbolize father, and the papers piled on the table, because Dick does so much paper work for everyone in our family.  Taxes, bookwork, receipts, banking.  I used one of my 30 minute studies for my reference, so this painting was a pretty easy one today.  The image size is 10" x 10" and will be a gift for my husband.  I will be making cards out of it, though if you would be interested.  They will be available for $10 for a package of 4. 


  1. Karen, this is fabulous! What a great tribute for your husband and also a great work of art. I love the handwritten parts, too. I would certainly be interested in cards when you do them.

    1. My husband really liked it and plans to hang it in his office at work. Say, Fay, do you post your paintings in the middle of the night? I've actually been setting my alarm so that I can be on Leslie's blog in the first 10. Hope my body doesn't get used to this split sleeping routine.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bruce. I really love your paintings, especially today's post!!! If I had more money right now, I'd buy it!

  3. What a cool design, and what a great imagination you have! And so lucky to have a hubby that is so supportive.

  4. What a great painting! Both the content and the way you designed it. They do need a lot of thanks - our dear husbands! Mine has definitely had to take a back-seat during this challenge so your painting was a great reminder and visual symbol of that support!



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