Friday, January 4, 2013

30 paintings in 30 days!

"Twinkle Toes"
I saw a blog called  and Leslie challenged us to paint 30 paintings in 30 days.  I don't know if I'm up to this challenge or not, but I intend to give it my ALL!  I'm officially starting my challenge tomorrow, but the theme of my paintings will be funky people, so I pulled out this painting that I did many months ago to show you the mood that I'd like to establish with my 30 day painting challenge.  I believe in goals, and what better way to start out my New Year?  I need a kick in the butt, since I haven't painted in over a month.  This is not unusual for me in December (lots of parties), but ALWAYS, I struggle in January to remember how to paint again.  Why do I do this to myself???!!!   I did complete doing a 30 minute sketch every day for one full year, with only missing 4 days, when I totally FORGOT to do the sketch those days.  That year, I really improved as an artist, AND also, had better balance in my life with everything else.  I guess that means that I need a little structure to be successful.  Off and running tomorrow morning!  I know I'll be a better artist by the end of January! Hope many of you will join me!


  1. I saw that challenge I am also kicking myself in the butt to do this. Nobody says it has to be a large painting or a show stopper...right?
    I'v been in a workshop for the last two days so I already have a couple of paintings done. Now I just have to keep it going. I'll post mine if you'll post yours!

  2. Hmm....I DO think you are up to this! After all, you've already done a sketch a day for over a year. How impressive is that?
    I see this funky lady may have had a martini or two (olives floating around her).
    Is that your secret?

  3. You CAN do it! The world knows now what you're up to, so you'll have to be accountable!



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