Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Day 7 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"New World"    7" x 10"
Watercolor, collage, metallics       $75
This painting was the hardest one that I've done so far in this challenge.  I used a wire drawing sketch that I'd done in early December.  I absolutely LOVE doing wire drawings.  The abstract patterns that evolve always surprise me.  Below is the value study. 

I will be teaching a 4 day workshop at Dillman's Resort in northern WI on June 18 - 21st with this process and how I use it in most of my paintings now.  By the end of the week, everyone will be doing a large abstract painting that they attained due to the wire drawing exercises earlier.  I can't decide which direction that I like this best.  My other choice is as a vertical.  Try turning the image to the right, and see which way you like it.  I decided to add gold foil paper as an extra bling. It's so shiny and inviting.  The painting is called "New World" because I think it looks like a magic is happening with the circle and our new world is beyond.  


  1. Very cool! I wished I lived close enough to attend your workshop - or that I liked to travel - lol. I like the composition of this piece but without the bling which doesn't show on screen, there is just too many brown tones for me. Super piece Karen!

  2. Hi Karen, Your "wire" drawings are just so much fun. Fun that the design works either way. Festive!

  3. Really love the pattern in the background, the suggestion of hills on the right. And the depth is terrific :)

  4. This is fantastic Karen! How do you keep the metallic texture off the swirls?? do you use masking fluid?

    1. No, I add the gold foil paper at the very last and just place it around the swirls. I don’t use masking fluid.



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