Sunday, February 18, 2018

Day 18 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Walking Through Time"       $75
Watercolor         10" x 7"
I decided to do a pure watercolor today.  I started this using the dry-brush technique that I've used on 75% of my paintings during his challenge. The first step is shown below.  I again tried my hand at plein aire painting today.  We met at the Farmer's  Market  in downtown Venice  I was concerned that it might be too public for me to feel comfortable, but it turned out to be great since I just sketched and took LOTS of people photos for possible painting in the the future.  I guess that's why when I got home that I wanted to paint people.  I again met many new artist friends and reconfirmed that this area is definitely a great place for us to spend our winter months!  Very grateful!
Step One:  Dry Brush 


  1. Another WOW piece Karen. Do you start with the sketch or with the colour? - which ever way - it is stupendous!

  2. Venice Florida, Most prunes sold per capita and sharks teeth on the beach. It's a lovely place, enjoy your time in FL. I love all the little detail things in the figures. It makes them interesting.

  3. Love this one. So appealing. You keep inspiring and teaching.

  4. Karen, my husband says he is going to buy this one for me for my bd . So can you email me info on how to if still available. Today is my bd and so not painting but up at burrrr cold Lake Tahoe with kids as you are down in sunny warm Florida painting Palm Trees. By the way I think I would love the class you say you are not teaching anymore if it produces those FL palms.

  5. Really love the palette and energy, just so fun :)



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