Friday, February 15, 2013

Passing it on with Kindness

"With an Angel's Help"
This morning didn't start out so well.  I spotted a cold sore and thought sarcastically, "Oh, that's just great!"  But after driving my granddaughter to daycare (her smile that could melt ANY bad mood), I was again off to a good day.  I stopped at Caribou Coffee, (my favorite coffee place) and ordered my Northern Light Latte, and headed to the restroom to put on my makeup.  Then, I spilled my coffee all over the floor!  The girl who had waited on me, came into the restroom just then, and I apologized about the mess that I had made.  I told her that I would have cleaned it up, but there weren't any paper towels.  "Don't worry, we'll clean it up", she said.  I thanked her, and joked, "That was a very expensive sip of coffee this morning, since I spilled most of it".  She said, "No problem, we'll get you a new one!"  I also had purchased the keurig single serve cup coffees and she had said earlier, "Did you know that there are now dishwasher safe containers where you can put your own coffee in these little containers, and it would be far cheaper for you?"  (It reminded me of one more way that I could use less plastic and be more "green", to be nicer to our world.  Something, I really need to work on!)
What service, and what a difference she had made to my day!  Sometimes, people have no idea what a small gesture can do for someone else who just might be having a bad day.  A smile, or a kind deed can really make the difference!  I asked for her name, so I could write a letter about her kind deed, and her supervisor overheard me doing it.  I gave her the "thumbs up", and told the supervisor about her kindness.  I'll follow up with a letter to Caribou Coffee too.
This painting was done last year, using Elegant Writer pens, which I LOVE.  (Just click on this link and you can order them from Karlyn Holman.)   Karlyn introduced me to Elegant Writer pens some years ago, and I find them so much fun!!!  I've done many of these kinds of paintings.  I call them Story paintings.  They are very simple paintings, and are done totally free and easy with no forethought of what will be done.  I do a contour drawing, and then smear the pen marks for shading on the people.  A few glazes for depth, and they are done.   "With an Angel's Help" is a story about simple good deeds helping others around them. These story paintings are usually 14" x 7" images and are available for $95.    "Statuesque" (Day 28 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days) was also done using Elegant Writer pens.


  1. Do you use just one color of the Elegant Writer or more of the different colors in a set? I bought a set in an art supply store. Michael's has them, too.

    1. Jan, I use just one color, graphite, SO FAR. I like the idea that I add color with watercolor, but I say, experiment and see what happens! I'm so thankful that Karlyn Holman introduced me to Elegant Writers. I love using them!



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