Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All 30 Paintings at a glance!

"30 Paintings in 30 Days"  January 2017 Challenge

Here is the collection of all 30 Paintings from the January, 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.   I used the website, www.picmonkey.com to make the collage of them.  I love that website.  It is very easy to use and I use it often after teaching, to make a collection of my student's paintings.  It used to be free, but now there is a small fee.  Totally worth it.  The site works best with square paintings, so you will notice that many of these only have partial images of my paintings, but enough for you to get the idea.  I knew that would be a problem when I decided to paint all quarter sheets, but decided to go ahead with that plan anyway.
Again, I want to thank all of you for being my cheerleaders during this challenge.  It really means a lot to hear your comments or to count up the "likes".  Thanks to Leslie Saeta, who thought up this great challenge for all of us!  Thank you to those who purchased many of my paintings too.  If any of you are interested, just go back to past blogs to see if your favorite is still available.  Great prices! 
Today, I totally relaxed!  Had a pedicure and a manicure.  Not sure that was real wise, since I will be painting in acrylics in only 5 days when I go to a Paint-in!  But it felt good to relax and have a little reward for my hard work.  Stay tuned to my blog.  My goal for 2017 is to post at least every 2 weeks.  I try to share my knowledge as an instructor with my students who stay tuned to my blog. I made many discoveries this month and can't wait to pursue those discoveries and fine tune them.  Check my website for details about future workshops. www.karenknutson.com I'm teaching all across the USA this year, both the East and the West coast.  (Below are available paintings)

2017 Schedule:
January- Cape Coral, FL
February- The Villages, FL
March-  Green Valley, AZ
April- Kanuga Conference Center (near Henderson, NC)
May- Louisville, KY
June- San Diego, CA
July- Alexandria, MN
August- Dickinson, ND
               White Bear Lake, MN
                Watertown, SD
September- Traverse City, MI
October-  Miles City, MT
November-  Home studio possible workshop
Available paintings from the 30 in 30 Challenge    $99 Each

Here are all 30 Paintings that I did in January.  There is a website, www.picmonkey.com that is a great way to make a poster of your paintings.  It used to be free, but now, there is a small fee.  It's easy to use and I use it often, as an instructor to make a collection of my student's paintings.  On this, I had to crop several of the paintings, due to them being rectangular in shape.  The site is meant for square paintings.  But you get the idea anyway.  Many of these paintings are still for sale.  Go back to earlier blogs if interested.  

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