Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Coming in for a Landing"

"Coming in for a Landing",  11" x 14", $145, watercolor painting
I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I began this painting.  Working in pure watercolor can be intimidating, to say the least.  Especially since I've been working in acrylics for the past month.  I use 3 simple rules: 
1. Pick only 3 colors, so that your painting will be unified and the glazes will all go together. (I used Antwerp Blue, New Gamboge, and Permanent Rose.)
2.  Establish a light pathway, value study before I start the painting.
3. Use very light glazes, and build up to the darks.  Don't get dark too fast.
I will be teaching the illusionary process to 21 eager students in Cormorant, MN next week.  This is a very complicated process, but I have simplified the lesson so that students won't get too frustrated.  I can't show the process on my blog because it's too complicated.  I remember back when I wanted to learn how to paint as if you can see through things.  This took many years to perfect, so if you want to learn, sign up for one of my workshops!  :)

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