Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5: "30 Paintings in 30 Days"

"Balance in my Life"     11" x 11"         $145
In January every year, I crave balance in my life.  Are you the same?  Housekeeping, cooking, healthy eating, exercise, & painting:  Guess what gets the most attention?  Painting! it should be, right?  :)  And I'm proud of that!  I always make time for friends and family, but I do take my painting seriously, because it's my job, not just a "hobby". (the dreaded word)  But sitting painting all day is not healthy, so I must make time for these other things.  That's my goal!  This painting started out the same as the past 3 posts.  The underpainting is below. Even though you might question this starting pattern, a little of that underpainting shows through to every layer on top of it.  This is acrylic on Strathmore Aquarius paper.  This painting took lots more time than it should have!  Some days are like that!  Many layers of corrections. But then again, that's what makes a deeper layered painting.   I realize today that I've been working without a value design for most of these paintings!  I truly believe in value studies with only 2 values.  So, tomorrow, that will change and the painting will go much more smoothly, I guarantee.  BTW, I've been asked many times about future workshops. If you are interested in my home studio workshops in the summer months at Eden Prairie, MN, email at  I only advertise through email and they usually fill on the first day!


  1. Ahh, balance, yes very difficult to manage when you are an artist, I feel!

    This is a super painting, I love it!

  2. We work in similar fashion, and yet I can't see how you saw what you saw in your start to come up with that finish. Isn't that wonderful! It's a wonderful painting - a joyful search for balance in what is to me a thoroughly artful landscape. I mean, just at that fabulous sky! Love this!

    1. Funny you should say that, Jim. I had an idea of what I wanted the finished product to be, but I took lots of left turns during this painting. The sky has about 7 layers on it. Had to keep adjusting the value relationship to the hills.



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