Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 14 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Life in the Fast Lane"              11" x 11"    $145 SOLD
Acrylic and permanent marker
Back to painting acrylics for this one! This painting went pretty smoothly, although I had to resize my drawings several times to get the size that I wanted for this format.  I drew my image on tracing paper, and then enlarged it on the printer to the preferred size.  What did we ever do without the computer and printer?  I find that I'm a little out of my element when I go to Paint-in's since I don't have my modern equipment right by my painting desk.  I started with a wild underpainting, using mainly blues and greens.  I like starting with the opposite color because I knew that I wanted to do a red painting today.  Then I wiped out the light areas, using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.  I love the marks left by doing it that way. I doodled on the background and her dress, using a permanent marker.  I'm pleased with the colors, but then I am partial to red.  Even my grandkids know that red is my favorite color.


  1. Another great one. I do love the red color and the pattern. You have a great sense of composition!

  2. Love your colors. There must be a way to do this with watercolor. Congrats on another great painting.

  3. Way COOL!
    I REALLY like the pattern in this work = )
    All the best with the NEXT one!

  4. I love that red and tend to associate it with your work now. Love the pattern in the background being reflected in her clothing. I must try that rubbing out, very used to it in other media, just not acrylics.

  5. This is just so gorgeous! How does one go about purchasing your art?

    1. Thanks, Lillian. If interested in my artwork, email me at Karen@karenknutson.com This one sold right away this morning. Most of my 30 in 30 have sold, but there are a few still available.



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