Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 28: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Dusk"      $99 SOLD
Image size:  11" x 15"     watercolor
This painting has the appearance of a wood cut.  It's a great technique.  Supposedly, I was going to do an easy painting today.  But that changed!  I learned the process of masking out the sky from Nita Engle, one of the top watercolor artists in the country.  I took a workshop from Nita Engle when I had only been painting for about a year.  She was such a master! AFTER I carefully masked around the trees and the reflections in the water, etc.  I realized that I would have to take all the mask off later on. And one thing that I forgot on this FL trip, was my maskoid remover.  Ugh!  So, after I poured on the colors for the background trees and the grasses, I dried the paper and then used rolled up masking tape to remove the maskoid.  It works great in a pinch.  Below is what my painting looked like with the masking fluid protecting the sky, sky holes in the background trees, and the reflections.  Only 2 more days to get these great deals.  It's been a fun journey.

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