Friday, March 28, 2014

Drawing Challenge, Day 27

These attempts of drawing a self portrait are in order from the top down. The first one was done on Day 26 of my blog.  I liked the shadows on it, but it didn't look like me at all.  So, attempt #2 was done on Day 27, but I truthfully wasn't feeling good, and was babysitting all day, so was out of steam.  I learned a valuable lesson about getting the shadows too dark.  There's no going back from that.  Also, someone told me that my first sketch didn't look like me, because I'm always smiling.  So I tried one with a smile. Wow, that was hard to draw teeth!  So, Attempt #3 as actually done on March 28th but I wanted to post them all together so that you could all see that I didn't give up!  I kept trying and learned from each experience.  On the third attempt, I did a gestural drawing, first by putting in circles, and rectangles to get the right shape.  Then I quickly sketched, looking at relationships between everything and even had a good hairdo to sketch!  :)  I don't think this looks totally like me yet, but it's getting closer.  Thanks for this challenge, Kathie George.  By the way, this collage was put together using the website,  It's a great site!

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