Monday, March 24, 2014

Drawing Challenge, Day 23

Today, Kathie George challenged us to use Elegant Writer Pens or some other pencil that smears when it is moistened.  I first learned about Elegant Writer pens from Karlyn Holman, and you can buy them from her website if you want.  I love using them for shading.  This is one of my funky metal sculptures that holds a wine bottle.  Below is the real photo of the art piece. I had such fun drawing this! I love to make the crosshatch design at the top and then wet between the lines of every other one.
So, I promised you that I would have a lesson on commenting on my blog.  Here goes.  If you are on my blog list, you will receive an email that shows my latest post.  You must click on the title of the article, in order to get to the page, where you can add a comment.  For instance, if the title is "Drawing Challenge, Day 23", you would click on that link, and it will lead you to the correct page.  Now, read the blog, and scan to the bottom of the page.  Beyond the 3 little photos (of past blogs) you will see "no comments" and if you hover your mouse over that, it will highlight.  Double click on that, and a box will appear where you can leave a comment.  Once you type your comment, press "Publish" button.  You will have to wait for me to approve it before it will appear on my site, so just wait a few hours, or if you're lucky that I am close to my computer, it may happen right away.  You may need to answer a test to see if you can read the numbers on the screen (That's something that the blog site does to stop hackers.  It's pretty easy.  Just type the letters and numbers, and you should see a message that says that your message will appear as soon as Karen approves it. ) That's it!

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  1. You did a great job capturing this fellow in ink! I am not familiar with these pens. I must resist looking into them because I have gotten a lot of new pens recently!

    I hope the commenting lesson helps a few folks out! :)



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