Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drawing Challenge, Day 13

Our assignment today was to draw a difficult subject.  I looked over at the rocking chair, and thought that would be a good challenge.  I'm reasonably pleased with the results, but my biggest hurdle is judging how much room I will need for the drawing.  I had wanted to get the whole rocker in this drawing! (Really???)  Karlyn Holman taught me years ago, to start with the most important part of the drawing and when you run out of paper, at least you have your center of interest in your painting.  So, I started at the curved handle that is approximately in the center of the page.  I drew mostly a contour drawing, getting the outside shape in first.  Then, when I added the shapes behind, I was forced to add shadows, so you could see which one was in front.   I think this subject deserves many more tries to get it right.  Practice makes perfect!

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