Sunday, March 23, 2014

Days 19 - 22, Drawing Challenge

I've been out of town, so these are the last 4 drawings that I did.  The top two are supposed to deal with perspective and sizes of things.  The bottom 2 are supposed to deal with getting everything within your imaginary frame, when working from real life.  Since I was out of town, taking a workshop, I'm just happy to get them done, even though they are definitely not my best work!  But I completed the assignment each day!  Sorry I couldn't post them while I was gone.  My laptop has not worked away from it's base lately.  So, again, I have to say that Kathie George is a fantastic blogger, and that you should all be signed up to receive her daily lessons, because you will learn LOTS!!!!  Her Drawing Challenge link is 
So, how are you doing on your healthy living challenge?  Several of you left comments that you would like to join me in the next month!  I actually lost 1.5 pounds in the last 5 days, so I'm very happy.  Remember, the challenge is to eat NO processed foods and to log into MyFitnessPal app each day. I have to confess that since I was out of town, that some days were not perfect for me.  In fact, my friend, Kim Grant, informed me that chocolate candies are definitely processed foods, since she read the back of the package, and there were about 10 things listed, that neither of us could pronounce.  My point is that we are not ever perfect, but we can do our best, and you still should produce good results!  So, keep it up, Healthy Warriors!
Tomorrow, I will have a lesson on making comments on my blog.  Several have been having trouble with that!  :)


  1. Having trouble with people making comments. I must approve them before they are published. Tomorrow I will make a tutorial.

  2. I finally figured out how to leave a comment Karen, that was a bit tricky having to click on the heading. All along I had been looking for a "comment" page on the original email. Aye Carumba. The drawings look great and I'm so proud you got them done during our busy 4 days of art and girl time.



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