Monday, March 24, 2014

Drawing Challenge, Day 24

Our challenge today was to draw a sculpture so that we could put the shading in, where there were shadows.  I have a really cool sculpture of a head, that actually is supposed to hold a beverage, but I never use it for that.  What I'm most please about is that it truly does look like this!!!!  Maybe this drawing every day is truly paying off!  Who knew? Thanks, Kathie George for this incredible journey in drawing! 


  1. I see that no one has commented yet--or at least you haven't had a chance to okay the comment.
    It's a fun challenge! Enjoy seeing your selections.

  2. Very nice, Karen. You always add just that little extra designer touch! Got all the e-mails and lesson. Thanks.

  3. HI Karen,
    This comment box has me select a profile before I can comment and I don't know what they all are -- why can't a person just comment?
    Oh -- and I enjoy seeing your drawings and discussion of each! Very fun. :)



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