Monday, July 6, 2020

Keep experimenting!

"Quirky Friends"   Acrylic
Accepted into the San Diego International 2020 Exhibition
This painting started by me doing a blind contour drawing onto tracing paper.  I did each girl separately and then held my finger on the side so that I could maybe position them where I wanted them.  Blind contour means that you do NOT look at your paper, and you don't lift your pencil.  It's a great way to loosen up and get some unusual free paintings.  I had done a really abstract beginning, using acrylic and when I traced my new drawing onto the underpainting,  I loved how the design cut through their faces.  And the outfits just painted themselves, looking like the one on the right had bare shoulder.  This was a total experiment for me, and was so much fun to do.  I definitely plan to do more!  Notice how the light pathway leads the viewer all through the painting.  That's always very important to me.  This painting was accepted into the San Diego International 2020 Exhibition, where there were 874 entries and juror, Michael Reardon, picked 100 paintings to be included in the show.  This is one of the top shows in the USA.  I'm honored to be a part of it.


  1. Karen! This is an amazing painting! Congratulations on being selected for this exhibit. If you ever make a print, I would love to have one. Stay well!

  2. Congratulations, Karen! Well deserved honor.

  3. Karen this is a winner!!!! Congrats. Thx for sharing how the layers developed. So fun. As judge says”makes you smile”. We can’t get enough these days. And I’d love to hear their lunch time chat



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