Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wire Drawing #17: Eyes that can Melt you

"Eyes that Can Melt You"  7" x 10"   $50
Ink on Paper
In a time when stress has been high in my life, this drawing made me feel hopeful and cheered me up!  I asked permission of the owner if I could draw her dog.  I don't think it looks quite like the model, but I still like the results.  Wire drawing has become my passion and my saving grace in times of sadness or in times of procrastination.  My husband lost his brother this week after a 30 year battle with multiple sclerosis, so it's been a hard week for us.  I remember back when I had a dog, that no matter how bad things got, my dog always made things better.  Now that I travel so much with my teaching workshops, I just have fun with everyone else's dogs.  Hope this will bring a smile to your face.  Below is my model.

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