Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Workshops aren't for sissys!

Marker sketch of the mannequin on the right

Last night, I took a workshop at one of my favorite art supply stores, Wet Paint, located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.  Don Colley was the instructor.  From Chicago, he is the representative for Faber Castell Pitt Markers.  He showed us several of his incredible sketch books and talked about his process of sketching for the first hour.  I was so scared to begin sketching when he gave us several items to choose to sketch.  I sketch totally different than he explained to us!  My friend, Janice Morris, came with me, and we had a ball!  Anyway, this sketch was fixed up by Don Colley, so if you think it's good, it's because he did most of it!  I loved watching him work, and learned so much.  I even bought a small woman mannequin, so I could practice perfecting the drawing process.  He usually starts with a tan or grey paper, and then when he needs a lighter color, he used a white pencil or marker.  I really liked the Faber Castell markers.  Now to practice, practice, practice!!!!

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