Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Wire Drawing

"Heartfelt Wishes"
This was my demo for the Two Harbors, MN workshop on Day 3.  We had a fabulous time, starting out with Funky Lady paintings, then Charcoal Pour bird paintings, and lastly, wire drawings.  I told them how hooked I am in this process, and I think there are several of them that are just as hooked as I am.  This painting started out with random collage pieces positioned in a cruciform manner.  I keep the colors of the fiber paper very neutral. After the collage dries, we add the drawing of the bird, using permanent markers.  Lastly, we paint the background, using neutral colors.  My favorite combination colors for this is neutral tint and aureolin yellow.  It makes an army green/grey color that I really love!   These drawings sometimes lead to abstracts, by cropping into certain areas. 


  1. These wire drawings drive me bonkers - I LOVE them. This one is just fabulous - like all the rest of them. Lucky workshoppers!

    1. Thanks, Jim. I'm addicted, for sure! The best part of them is that they lead to more ideas for abstracts!

  2. love your wire drawings!!!! can you share how to do the wire drawings? hope you are well. xo Anne

  3. Anne, the wire drawings are too hard to explain on paper. However, I'd be glad to teach your group on Kiawah Island when I come there next April. I'm addicted to this process, and actually, it has made me a better drawer at the same time!



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