Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stencils and Mixed Media

"Morning Meeting"
I'm preparing for my home studio "Painting Birds" workshop, and wanted the last day's lesson to be a very easy one.  So, I decided to emphasize stencils and show them how to do a very easy illusionary painting. BTW, I only used 2 colors in this painting. (quinacridone gold and neutral tint) I will be having a mail order lesson on this process available soon, if you are interested.  It's a fun way to paint!
The image is 11" x 14" and is available for $145.


  1. Karen, this is wonderful! I always love what you do, you are so creative and talented.

  2. Thanks, Fay! This is a pretty simple painting, but fun to do!

  3. Hi Karen, I love the look of this technique , how long before I can sign up for the mail order lesson . Suey

    1. You will need to send me an email to reserve your copy of this mail order lesson.

  4. Hi Karen my e -mail is to reserve my mail order lesson thanks Suey



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