Friday, July 18, 2014

My new love, Monoprinting with Gelli printing plate

"I've got my Eye on You"
I'm having an absolute ball, making handmade papers.  This painting is completely covered with collage papers. By using the Gelli brand, gel printing plate, it is made so easy and fun!  I really recommend checking out their website for tutorials on printmaking without a press!  The trick is making the collage papers into a painting.  So, the first thing I do is to make a value study, using only 2 values. (white and medium)  Then I place the papers on the medium value, making sure to repeat the papers in other parts of the painting.  I can see that this painting is a little too complicated for my workshop students, so I will do more that will be a better example for them. (I'm teaching a home studio 3 day workshop next week.)  This painting is available for $295.  It is 11" x 11" image. 

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