Monday, January 6, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 7

"Bird Crossing"  (11" x 11")  Watercolor    $145
Day 7!  One week done!  And today, I got an optical migraine!  I was out when it happened, so I had to drive home with one eye closed.  I get the kind of optical migraines where there are flashing lights for about 20 minutes, and when they disappear, the headache starts.  But, if I take tylenol right when I feel it coming on, it  lessens the headache by a lot!  So, I made it home safely, and laid down for awhile, and then began what was SUPPOSED to be an EASY painting!  What happened????  Why is it that I keep making this so hard?  I see others do really easy paintings, but there's something in me that always wants to do a really good painting.  I guess that's good, as long as it doesn't kill me!  :) I named this "Bird Crossing" due to the look of a railroad crossing sign. 


  1. Karen, I really like your painting, but sorry to hear you had to paint it with a headache. I am hoping you are feeling better today. Your use of color and design really stand out (saw this on Leslie's blog).

  2. Love this collage -- so sorry you had a migraine - ouch. I am doing something simpler today. I want to keep this fresh and fun and not feel like it's a chore.

  3. I love the colors in this and the feel of this painting - can't believe you managed to paint even when you were feeling bad but if I could paint like this I would too! Love the B in this too!

  4. I love the bird and the colors in this one! I used to get optical migraines, too. I'd get a weird half crescent shiny thing next to one eye. The migraines have since stopped - no idea why!

    1. If you can think of why yours have stopped, please share! Mine are brought on by stress and bright lights. I can never paint facing the window. I have to have the sunlight over my back. The optical flashing lights are different for me every time. Luckily, this time, it was only in one eye. That never happened before.
      Anyway, I'm done with that now. Moving on....



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