Sunday, January 19, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 20!!

"Looking to the Future"  $145  Watercolor and Acrylic  (11" x 11" image)
Well, what do you know?  I made it 2/3 of the way through the challenge!!!  These last 2 paintings are a set.  I dug out an old painting that had failed, and used it for the background of these silhouetted birds. I wove the dark pathway to lead to the bird, and increased the contrast by adding white acrylic to the light areas.  This painting and yesterday's painting are meant to be a set.  If you are interested in buying both, the set sells for $275.  Redoing old paintings is fun to do.  I may be digging into that pile more often!  So, there you go!  Never throw anything away!  My sister reuses coats and suits to make beautiful computer bags, and handbags.  It must run in the family!  To check out her work, go to  She also has a Facebook page and it you "like" it, you will receive any new posts when she has new products. 


  1. Your work is lovely, very interesting techniques...I love salvaging old paintings too :)

  2. Another winner, Karen! It pays to be a saver.

  3. You have some pretty interesting old paintings to choose from.

  4. I Love that you worked old paintings into new! I'm going through my old
    stack of "failures"! Thanks too for mentioning me! Love you! Nancy

  5. I guess I hadn't checked your blog yet this month, so I was so happy to find 20 new paintings. This is a great series so far. I really like birds, although I don't think I've painted many myself. I enjoy seeing how many different designs you come up with in a series. Can't wait to see tomorrow's painting.



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