Wednesday, January 15, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 15!!

"French Crow"   watercolor and collage  $195   (11" x 11" image) 
Half way there!!!!  Did you notice the explanation points?  I'm very proud of myself that I've made it this far!  Now for a confession.  I didn't do this painting today.  I actually did it back in October, but needed another bird painting, so I grabbed it from my pile.  I took the photo of this crow in Paris, and that's why I named it, "French Crow".  But I digress....  Explanation time.  Yesterday was a full day, with only one hour to spend in my studio.  I did get a drawing done, but that was it.  Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting some friends at a great new place where we all paint the same painting, and drink wine at the same time.  It's called Cheers Pablo, and is owned by my friend, Chriscell and her husband.  Click on the link.  It's located in Woodbury, MN.  The idea is simple.  A group of friends gather to paint a very simple painting, (no painting experience needed!) with TV sets all over the room, so everyone can see every step.  Anyway, this was a BLAST!  My painting was downright horrible, but I don't care.  (Do you think it had anything to do with the 3 glasses of wine that I had?)  But, it was FUN!   And I'm definitely going to go back there again another time.  I really recommend it!  FYI, I will paint a replacement painting for this before the 30 days are up.  I just needed something to post today.  :)  Pictures of Cheers Pablo below:
Chriscell, Pat, me, Georgia, Sonja, and Deb

Our masterpieces!


  1. Terrific details in this fellow. Good for you, planning to replace this older piece with a new one! (Even if you don't make it, but I bet you will.) I'm sure your painting wasn't horrible and the event sounds super fun!



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