Monday, January 13, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 14!

Acrylic and collage    $125
"High Wire Act"   (11" x 11" image)    Acrylic and Collage  $125
My goal with this painting was to make it fun and really easy.  So, I started the painting by covering the whole paper with bright colored acrylics.  Then I sprayed it with a water bottle, held it vertically, and let it drip, so that the colors would be interesting.  Below is what it looked like in the early stage.  It was so much fun!!!
First Step
After that dried, I drew the bird shapes on and negative painted around them to create the birds.  The only collage on this painting is the checks.  Otherwise, it is all acrylic. I actually wanted to go further with this, but slapped my hand, reminding myself that today's goal was to keep it very simple.  :)  Don't you think this would look so cool on a canvas bag?  I might look into that!


  1. My first blog I'm "publicly" following. Had to do it so that I could let others know, too, that I am just loving this work!!
    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.



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