Friday, January 10, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 11

"Time to Reflect"  (Mixed Media)  $125
Today, as I was painting this, I was thinking about how lucky we artists are, that we can call other artists and have "play days" from time to time.  My friend, Jeanne Larson came over and painted all day with me.  We made journals to start with, and it felt so good to not be painting a "real painting" for a change.  Just playing!  The design button never turns off with me, so even when I am painting journals, I still think about dominance, and repetition of colors, etc.  The point is that every now and then, it's important for us all to recharge, doing something that we love.  After journals, I found a half finished painting that I had done on Day 6, so this painting will be a companion painting for that one. Check it out!  I do that often- painting 2 small paintings at once, so that the buyer can hang them either vertically or horizontally.  It's a great sales technique too, since they look really nice side by side in a gallery setting.  So, anyway, I didn't have too much to do to finish this painting, and I liked that way the bird looks deep in thought.  What a great day we had painting!


  1. Love the colors and composition in this one.

  2. Congratulations on undertaking 30 in 30. Now that I'm recovered from rotator cuff surgery, I am back to Image-a-day -- my fourth year.

  3. Wow! You are already about 1/2 way through your 30 days and still coming up with original ideas and beautiful paintings! I am so impressed and inspired!

    1. Nancy, I'm not quite halfway there. Half of 30 is 15, so I still have 4 more days to get that far. :) But thanks!

  4. I love the eyes on him, so expressive!



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