Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for the New Year!

After reading Myrna Wachnov's blog this morning, I decided that I, too, must write down my goals.  Myrna's blog is one of my favorites.  She is such a gifted artist.  You, too, should check it out! 
My goals for 2012 are:
1. Work on my new book
2. Do more people paintings
3. Continue my 30 minute studies every day 
4. Lead a more balanced life!
This sketch is one I did in early December when I was at a Paint-in with 3 other friends in Wisconsin.  I just let myself sketch without a plan, and as I was sketching the people, I thought how odd that I had sketched 5 people, when there were only 4 of us there at the Paint-in.  Then, in studying it further, I saw that the 3 people were separated by a fence from the other 2 people.  Now, you might think I'm off my rocker when I tell you this, but the truth was that one friend who was supposed to be at our Paint-in, actually was traveling back and forth every day, visiting her husband in the hospital, and therefore, wasn't able to participate in our Paint-in very much.  I truly had nothing in mind when I started this sketch, and look what came out of my subconscious!  I'm thinking that the 2 houses in the background must be the fact that Janice was going from our house to the hospital every day.  Wow, spooky!!! My intention is to paint from this 30 minute sketch later this month.  I'll post it when it happens.  Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Needless to say, I LOVE this sketch. It makes me happy,,.. You are one of the best... My New Year--get back at my 30 minute studies, one of the best thing I have ever done for my art... (thank you for that) and darn it, lose some of these anxiety pounds I have acquired.


  2. How come I'm just finding out now that you started a blog? I love it! All these bloggers with goals for the new year! I feel like the pressure is ON! I'd better come up with something.
    Hope your new year is all you want it to be and more!

  3. Hi Karen, I'm intrigued by your drawing and enjoyed the story behind it; wonderful! Thanks for sharing your goals. Finding balance is a struggle! Have a Good New Year!

  4. Great ideas, Karen! It's easy as an artist to just float along, waiting for inspiration to find you... but goal setting and daily studies really feed the muse!

  5. Karen
    I appreciate you creativity and the steady quest for something new. I too read Myrna’s comments on goals… and now yours… so it is time to get that job done. It has been a very busy first two weeks of the year, but my thoughts seem to be going down a few paths…. Not in any order.
    • Maximize painting/ creative efforts. Minimize other hobbies and distraction.
    • Get healthier through exercise and good eating
    • Explore acrylics- paint and mediums – new for me.
    • Be open to be led by the Spirit more
    • Keep my blog up to date.
    • Love my family better.
    • Explore more teaching opportunities.
    Well that seems to be a lot of ideas for just a few minutes of thought.
    Karen, I really like your work- seems mostly creative and fun, colorful and pleasant to be around. You go gal.
    Ellen Roles



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